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“The GAC program is the best program not only for English studies but because it makes studying itself interesting for students. If someone asks me the best thing about the GAC, then my answer is that it helps students’ confidence to succeed at university. I can’t wait to fly to the U.S. to meet my new friends at university. The GAC gave me that opportunity.”
Kyung Nam, Lee. Rowan University, New Jersey, USA
“The GAC wasn't just about studying English. It included business, math and science taught in English. The presentation skills and debating and group discussions in the GAC has further prepared me for study in the U.S. It was tough at the beginning but now I am confident that I am fully prepared.”
Chung Ji, Yoon. Tulane University, Louisiana, USA
"The GAC is not just an English program or test preparation course like IELTS and TOEFL training. IELTS and TOEFL only teach you how to take a test, but the GAC prepared us for many academic aspects like Mathematics, business, science, study skills and so on for our future success in university. I feel very confident with my university study now."”
Leo Deng. Bachelor of Computer Information Technology, Univ. of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
"The GAC improved my level of English a lot in both speaking and writing, which has really helped me at university. It has given me a better understanding of the lectures and better communication with other tutorial group members. I have found that GAC math, computing and business have been especially important, as they are linked to university study and have enabled me to spend less time on these subjects at university and still get better results. I do think the GAC was a great help for university study. I just want to tell potential students who want to go to university, 'Come and study here to get ready for your university life."
Dong Liao, Bachelor of Applied Finance, Macquaire University, Australia
"In our GAC study, we have Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing, Independent study skills, Computer course, Economic course, Business and Mathematics. Also we have Personal & Group development in GAC level II. This is my favorite course because we have a lot of activities and I enjoy it very much. Our teachers also taught us a lot of things about western life."
Sandy Chen. Bachelor of International Business and Trade, Monach University, Australia
"The GAC was very good. I made a lot of friends. It helped me advance to degree level. I was 6 months ahead of the Fiji system of attaining a degree. I also achieved a qualification that is recognized worldwide."
Arvin Sami. Bachelor of Accounting, Central Queensland University, Fiji Intl Campus
"I think GAC is a great course for me to go abroad to further my study and it has benefited me a lot. Nine months ago I can't even open my mouth to speak, but now I can communicate with foreigners confidently."
Ada Yu. Bachelor of Accounting, Univ. of Newcastle, Australia
“When I participated a GAC seminar, I was 50-50 about the credit acknowledgement and guaranteed admission to university.
Believing former GAC graduates successfully entered universities, I joined the program and worked hard. As a result I could save full year worth of tuition by getting GAC credits accredited.”
A student at Iowa University, USA
“I got admitted to Monash university, Australia, one of the GAC pathway universities. By completing GAC, one-year language course was waived, and the studying habits built from GAC made me enjoy university studies.”
A student at Monash University, Australia
“Even though the students have completed the language course in American university, I heard their grades in the freshman year are commonly poor. It was hard to believe that many GAC graduates have even received scholarships. I now realize this after I started my university studies with GAC.”
A student at Iowa University, USA

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