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Advantages of GAC Toronto program
  1. 100% of the students who completed GAC will be accepted by universities overseas and maintain their credits successfully
  2. Proven program which is carried out as a day or night school class by 45 institutions such as Shanghai university in China and many international schools.
  3. A University Pathway Program developed by ACT Inc., a provider of ACT-an official university admission test taken by 2 million high school students.
  4. Operating iTAP, an international student database system recognized by university admission officers globally.
  5. A guaranteed university admission program associated with top ranked universities(40-400 worldwide). A global academic certificate program that 7,000 students are taking at 80 centers in ten different countries.
  6. After completion of the GAC course, American and Canadian universities acknowledge up to 6~30 credits which holds the same benefit as a scholarship, and the possibility of an early graduation from university.
  7. To raise the student’s adaptability to a university education, the program insists in the completion of an English course, which will provide effective training for developing skills in English essay writing, debate and presentation. (The course duration can be reduced for students with higher English level.)
  8. Provide a systematic course manual and a management system of ACT inc., an authorized appraisal institution of American College Test
  9. The university selection depends on the student’s future major, the program counselor directly consults with the students for selecting their future university.
  10. As the students study in the English-speaking country, Canada, they can lower the language barrier.

Studying abroad programs
  1. If a student is to only take the TOEFL, admission to a high ranking university is impossible
  2. Admission to colleges or a low ranking university is only an option
  3. Students commonly graduate from universities within 5 ~ 5.5 years
  4. Support in career planning is impossible
  5. Guarantee of the credit acknowledgement and admission is difficult before university admission.
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