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ACT is an independent nonprofit organization established in 1959. ACT provides over a hundred different services including education assessment, educational program management, research and data processing etc.

ACT provides these services every year to millions of people in educational institutes from elementary schools to universities, professors, businessmen and the government. Even though it originally was established for the various purposes, all the programs in ACT aim for one thing, which is to help people build their careers and achieve their goals by providing them appropriate information.

ACT is a worldwide leading institute in education assessment, human resources, and research. The programs and services of ACT, such as education, career, professional license, data management, manpower screening, and the research, are well recognized in the field of education, profession, and business. ACT is continuously employed as a standard in the field of assessment. ACT with its outstanding personnel, skills, and the resources is settling its position as a leader of the best evaluation institution.

The number of ACT test takers for university admission reaches 2 million a year. The test results are recognized by 3,300 universities in the US and by its scholarship programs. In the ACT test, the student’s interests, requests, future goals are recorded in addition to the grades from English, math, reading and science tests. These additional features will be used as a reference in deciding university admissions, careers and scholarships.

ACT has continuously evolved but the fundamental principle has not been changed since its establishment. The principle is to provide any necessary information to the people who want to have better lives.

ACT Education Solutions Limited is a subsidiary of ACT Inc., currently provides the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC) and English Proficiency Program (EPP).

GAC is the only international program which takes advantage of the ACT evaluation by providing the tests to all of its graduates. The ACT preparation is included in the GAC curriculum so that the students can be prepared for the ACT test in their studies.

The ACT test consists of multiple choice questions in four parts of English, math, reading and science. The students will be participating in the ACT test during the GAC curriculum. The GAC will assist students to be prepared for the ACT modules and the test.
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