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News & Announcement

Warm welcome from Global Academic Pathway Inc., an educational service provider with 20 years of experience in business, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. With many years of experience in the education sector, we established a Toronto GAC (Global Assessment Certificate) Teaching Centre in 2010 after we acquired an approval from ACT. The GAC is a university foundation and accreditation program developed by ACT, a half century old institute providing world wide educational services and programs.

(ACT Inc.provides an official college admission test, ACT. It also writes the contents for its own English program and for the GMAT, an admission test for the MBA program.)

The Global Academic Pathway Inc.is an educational institution established to cultivate the global leaders of the 21st century. We specialize in consulting students aiming for prestigious universities in US, Canada etc. with a highly experienced consulting team in various fields.

In cooperation with theToronto International Academy, a private high school officially registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education of Canada, we have successfully advanced hundreds of students every year to the universities of their choices all over the world including Ivy League schools through target oriented educational consulting. With a systematic education through the English Proficiency Program (EPP) of ACT institution and through the official college admission test (ACT), we have constructed an efficient teaching system strengthening students international competitiveness before college admissions.

Global Academic Pathway Inc. is providing a university foundation program, Global Assessment Certificate (GAC), for students who wish to enter top universities, and enjoy the reward of achieving a good education. We are confident that this program will be a pathway for students in developing their global leadership and becoming influential leaders in their chosen field.

We promise to value students intelligence and sensibility and to grow with the students from the very first step till the last in nurturing their visions and developing their sense of purpose.

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